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Your World


Upcoming Training Enrol Me

  • Managing Diversity (Managing Inclusivity)
  • Customer Experience Management Practices
  • The Art of Managing Upwards (Managing your boss)
  • HR for Non-HR Managers
  • Have a nice conflict: A Workshop for Workplace Harmony
  • A toolkit for managing workplace politicsLeading a Multi-generational workforce
  • The Competent Office Administrator: A master class
  • Success in Organizational Communication
  • What to do when your team sucks
  • Change Management: a balanced approach
  • Performance Management through Personal Mastery
  • Inspiring Employees through Storytelling
  • On-boarding through Engagement, Enlargement and Enablement
  • Turning Business Meetings into Delivery Tools
  • Succession Management: A continuity strategy
  • It is fairly easy for us to go on and on about who we are and what we provide! Yet, we would rather hear who you are and what you would like us to provide you with in order to improve your outcomes. We are interested in your story.
  • It makes a huge difference for us when we know that our interventions are informed by practical requirements from those we seek to serve. In this regard, we would rather make time to engage with our clients instead of second-guessing what the challenges are.
  • When you entrust us with you aspirations, we act responsibly and we are researchful and resourceful in devising tailored interventions. We offer diagnostic perspectives, practical guidelines and hand-holding interventions to ensure that an organization is given an impetus to achieve improved organizational outcomes. We bring the strength that comes with third party insights.
Business Happiness: Request a Service
Here are some of the challenges our clients brought to us. Let us know if we could be of service to you as well.
  • How do we evaluate the stock of competencies in the company? How can we implement a strategic talent management platform?

  • It is clear that we tend to work in silos, which results in a disjointed service. How can we improve teamwork and collaboration?

  • A lot can be done to improve our communication. What will it take to achieve a conversation-driven organization, with a collective sense-making aspect to it?

  • Where do we start with Job Evaluation? What are the benefits?

  • What if there is a need for HR Reorganization? Where do we start from?