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    Our Valued Clients

A leading mining equipment and technology brand

Intervention: HR for Non-HR Managers, which was a company-wide solution aimed at KMC’s managers and team leaders. We are humbled by their show of confidence in our contributions

A pre-eminent freight and logistics entity with a global reach

Intervention: Talent Acquisition, as part of the brand’s broad effort to attract top-notch candidates.

A leading global manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical, and factory automation systems

Intervention: Talent Acquisition, for timely and expert services ins scouting for highly specialized professionals

The home of expert Air Traffic Control and Management solutions for South Africa

Intervention: Training and Development, on a variety of areas that were aimed at improving employee capabilities

The largest pension fund in Africa

Intervention: Skills Audit, which required every post and every individual to be subjected to a rigorous competency evaluation to determine the brand’s inventory of competencies.

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