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HR for Non-HR Managers

FACT: All leaders are ‘people managers’. Therefore, HR Practices should not be a preserve of the HR Department; rather, they should be meaningfully devolved to all leaders in order to safeguard the essence of the brand’s values, mission and purpose.

HR for Non-HR Managers helps leaders identify with their primary role of improving employee capabilities in order to enhance organizational capacity. In this regard, contemporary human resource management practices should essentially be woven into a brand’s very fibre.

Therefore, for an organization to succeed, it is not enough to simply appoint managers without equipping them adequately.

Value Proposition

  1. We aim to demonstrate that all managers are primarily ‘people managers’ whose default role is to cultivate relationships
  2. If all managers are ‘people managers’, then contemporary HR practices are a pre-requisite for leadership success
  3. As we engage with each delegate, we learn more about their encounters with their teams, and help them appreciate that ‘leadership is like parenting’
  4. We empower delegates with insights and tools aimed at improving their people management skills
  5. We entrench contemporary perspectives on HR Leadership in a forward-looking brand
  6. We share experiences regarding HR challenges and successes in other brands

Here is a link for a Quick Survey: MMC HR For Non-HR Managers

After the 3-day intensive Workshop, based on 10 carefully selected topics:

  • Each delegate is given a practical assignment aimed at internalizing the learned concepts;
  • Part of the task includes a team survey, back at the workstation;
  • Based on the survey results, delegates are assigned to produce an Action Plan;
  • We will review progress on a monthly basis, until the 3rd month;
  • Delegates will be awarded Recognition Certificates based on their follow through.

Training & Development

Healthy, forward-looking companies have a unique knack for problem solving and rely on the capabilities of their employees to achieve results. Our interventions support a performance-driven corporate culture in which training is aimed at enhancing competencies and actual delivery in the role.

Our training interventions are practical. Each delegate is guided through an action-planning exercise that requires a demonstration of how the acquired competencies will be applied at work.

We use industry-related scenarios, as well as real-world encounters in designing course action plans in order to best match the participants’ training to related job challenges.

In order to enhance the impact of our training, we help each delegate with,

  • Challenging goals;
  • Growth and improvement strategies;
  • Practical actions steps to grow, improve and realize set goals;
  • Identifying and acquiring resources needed to achieve the set objectives;
  • Setting a timeline for achieving the set objectives;
  • Identifying opportunities for professional development;
  • Evidence of success, as well as progress toward reaching the set goals;
  • Evaluation process to determine the change brought about by the training.

Talent Acquisition

We are brokers and suppliers of high-end expertise! We do not select the best applicants; we attract the best employees!

If you will only recruit someone because she is smaller than you, then your organization is going to be peopled with pigmies! However, if your recruitment is aimed at identifying someone who could be better than you, then you will find yourself standing on the shoulders of giants!

With a growing bank of high-impact profiles on our database, MMC Consulting is well-positioned to provide ideal candidate options and improve outcomes in a recruitment process.

Our Value Proposition

  • Client briefing – to define role parameters, competencies and envisaged deliverables, identified in light of the broader organizational goals;
  • Preparation of an informative job spec upon which prospective candidates can be evaluated;
  • Selecting and interviewing prospective candidates using a competency-based approach;
  • Providing client with a role-aligned profile, bringing out the relevant key success factors in each candidate;
  • Assisting the client with follow-up interviews and communication;
  • Performing all Risk Assessments and Verification Checks for the final candidates;
  • Keeping an interest in the settling of the candidate into a productive employee.

We pay attention to our client’s requirements and we cultivate our candidates towards becoming a fit with our client’s culture, work ethics and general employee disposition.

How can we be of service to you?

Organisational Alignment

It is all about ‘the aligned organization’. Indeed, bringing meaningful purpose, practical strategies and goals together makes an organization’s aspirations more credible — and more likely to be achieved. One of the measures of an organization’s success is its agility in responding to the challenges and changes in its operating environment.

  • We start with the indicators or symptoms within the organization;
  • We gather the facts through a transparent and purposeful fact-finding process;
  • We establish motives or causes through understanding the results being pursued;
  • We determine and evaluate alternative interventions and their merits (alternatives analysis);
  • We justify and select a suitable intervention, and factually sell the selected option to stakeholders;
  • And we implement the intervention, religiously!

Research-For-Use Projects

The need to ‘know’ enough about the prevailing situation points to the importance of practical research. It is our conviction that, when tackling nagging corporate challenges, management actions should be backed by research they can sink their teeth in.

  • When decision-makers have a firm understanding of the compounding facts confronting them, they become better-equipped to guide the organization through a well-considered route.
  • Our point of departure is the definition of the challenge beforehand. Understanding the nature of the challenge ensures that we prepare our research to gather feedback that directly relates to the challenge. When research data is gathered, we propose alternative courses of action for evaluation.

The value of functional research is in the availing of courses of action based on the gleaned facts.


In many ways, Corporate Communication is giving way to Organizational Conversations.

  • We continue to position ourselves as both articulate Platform and Keynote Speakers at corporate events, team building interventions and general employee engagement initiatives.
  • Our witty speakers are sensitive, creative, well-read and humorous, and will engage with you on:
    • Inspirational/motivational conversations;
    • Selling ideas and proposals;
    • Creating Workplace Harmony; and
    • Tackling topical change & transformation issues

HR Consulting

End-to-end HR Interventions encompassing:

  • Creating & Aligning HR Strategy to Corporate Vision;
  • Sound HR Projects Management and HR Total Quality Systems;
  • Practical Communication Strategies;
  • Employee Engagements and Surveys;
  • HR Due Diligence and HR Impact Analysis;
  • Bankable Organizational Transformation Initiatives;
  • Strategic Training and Development;
  • Mentoring and Succession Planning;
  • Talent Intelligence Management;
  • HR Compliance and Governance;
  • Reward and Performance Management.
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