People Interventions

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People Interventions

Here is an outline of some customizable interventions associated with us, which can be modeled for in-house purposes:

  • HR Auditing
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Organizational Diagnosis and Change Management
  • HR Consulting (across the HR Architecture)
  • HR for Non-HR Managers **
  • Training and Development
  • Competency Profiling **
  • Culture Change and Organizational Success
  • Organizational Conversation **
  • HR Plug-in
  • HR Projects and Technology
  • Functional Research

Our Orientation

Healthy, forward-looking companies have a unique knack for problem solving and rely on the capabilities of their employees to achieve results. Our interventions support a performance-driven corporate culture in which training is aimed at enhancing competencies and actual delivery in the role.

Our training interventions are practical. Each delegate is guided through an action-planning exercise that requires a demonstration of how the acquired competencies will be applied at work. We use industry-related scenarios, as well as real-world encounters in designing course action plans in order to best match the participants’ training to related job challenges.

In order to enhance the impact of our training, we help each delegate with: Book here

  • Challenging goals;
  • Growth and improvement strategies;
  • Practical actions steps to grow, improve and realize set goals;
  • Identifying and acquiring resources needed to achieve the set objectives;
  • Setting a timeline for achieving the set objectives;
  • Identifying opportunities for professional development;
  • Evidence of success, as well as progress toward reaching the set goals;
  • Evaluation process to determine the change brought about by the training