HR (Skills) Audits

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HR (Skills) Audits


  • How effective is the organization at maximizing the contribution of its human capital?
  • How can the HR Function support the organization’s strategic initiatives?
  • On account of Human Resources Management, what steps can be taken to bring an organization’s objectives within the reality of practicability and implementation?

Deliverables include:

Our Orientation

On one side stands a Compliance Audit, often feared and resented for its policing-like nature. And many companies are willing to pay substantial amounts to be subjected to a process they fear!

We are champions of a Continuous Improvement Audit, which is a potent organizational tool aimed at building a stronger and an enabling institutional capacity. Our audits are therefore neither reactionary nor backward-looking; they are strategic tools! An HR Audit is a Continuous Improvement Audit and has tangible returns.

HR Auditing is a process that sets the stage for a traceable transformation in HR strategy and HR Interventions. It aligns HR systems and interventions to organizational objectives while focusing on the business needs of internal customers.

HR Auditing also reinforces the recognition that human capital has become the single most important determinant of competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and profitability, as well as a source of innovation and driver of business success. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the inventory of competencies in an organization is a key HR deliverable.How can we be of service to you?