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Service Request: We are keen to hear from you! How can we make a difference in your current situation? Share your business challenges with us and we will team up with you to find a solution. This website is simply for us to start a conversation; it is rather your story that is indeed fascinating to us, and we will be privileged to hear from you! How can we be of service to you?

Special Offer! Recruitment @ Only 15% of CTC: Take advantage of our special offer of 15% placement fees on any role assigned to us. Recruitment costs can be prohibitive, yet companies need exceptional talent to include in their teams. To act on this offer, click here, and we will pleasantly amaze you! (Applicable to placements made in South Africa only.)

People Interventions: You can count on us to package insightful interventions with an amazing impact on the employees. Let us enroll you for our competency-driven and full-scale training workshops. Check our trending training interventions here.

Book-a-Speaker: In many ways, Corporate Communication is giving way to Organizational Conversation. It is our submission that it is the “foolishness” of a conversation that brings profound meaning in getting along as humans, co-workers and competitors. We are engaging, inspiring and motivational Speakers. Let us ignite your audience with our insights, humor and perspectives. Book-a-Speaker.